Application types

There are 3 main types of building control applications: full plans application, building notice application and regularisation application.

Other application types:

Apply and pay

Apply Pay for your application

In person or by post

For full plans, building notice, or regularisation applications, download and complete the following application form:

Submit it together with your cheque (made payable to London Borough of Hackney), in person or by post to: Hackney Service Centre, 1 Hillman Street, London E8 1DY.


Our fees are competitive and fixed. This will provide you with certainty about the cost of your building project.

Full plans application

A full plans application is suitable for all types of building work and ensures all the hard work is done upfront. It will give you assurance for your building work. This application and associated fee payments are completed in two stages.

Stage one – plans

This stage involves the applicant submitting detailed plans for approval. Your application should include an application form,  the plan checking component of the fee, a site location plan and sufficient detailed plans, specifications and calculations to show that the works comply with the Regulations. Two copies of all plans are required unless the building is or will be put to a ‘relevant use*’, in which case three copies of the floor plans should be provided.

* A ‘relevant use’ is defined in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005 and includes all premises which are not a single dwelling.

We will examine the plans and will advise you of any changes required to meet the Building Regulations.  Applicants are given the opportunity to make amendments, where required, before the plans are approved, approved with conditions or rejected.

If you are having construction or refurbishment work done, you may need to notify the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Stage two – inspections

This stage starts when work commences on site after which a series of site visits are made at relevant stages to check that the work is proceeding in accordance with the approved plans. See site inspections for full details.

Building notice application

A building notice application is a simplified type of application and is best suited to minor domestic work carried out by a competent builder.

Building notice applications cannot be used where the building is or will be put to a ‘relevant use’ or where the proposal is within 3 metres or over a public sewer. In these instances a full plans application is required.

The application should include an application form, fee, a site plan showing the building, the site boundaries and the drainage provisions (and if necessary structural calculations). All assessment of building notice applications occur during site inspections. See site inspections for full details of typical inspections.

Regularisation notice

A regularisation notice application is used where work has already happened and a retrospective acceptance of these works is required. This is applicable for any work undertaken after 1985. To make sure that the work complies with the building regulations it may be necessary for elements of construction to be exposed for inspection on site.

The application should include an application form and fee.

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If you are unsure what application you need to apply for or would like to discuss our fees schedule, please contact us by completing the following form or call us on the telephone numbers below:

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