Attend council meetings

Attend a council meeting

We actively encourage members of the public to attend meetings.

You need permission to speak at a meeting. You can get permission if you’ve submitted a question, deputation, or petition.

See a list of some of our meetings by visiting committee structure.

You can find guidance on attending council meetings at Part 6A of the Council’s Constitution: Public Participation – Attendance at Meetings of Council, Cabinet and Committee Meetings (google doc).

Calendar of council meetings

The council produces a calendar of meetings every year.

The calendar is approved at the Annual Meeting held in May.

Agendas and reports

View the agendas, reports, decisions and minutes for all council meetings open to the public.

You can also find contact information for each of the committees.

Rights of the press and public to record meetings

We normally live stream council meetings that do not involve confidential or exempt information. We make an announcement at the start of each meeting to let all attendees know.

Members of the public have the right to film, record audio, take photographs and use social media and the internet to report on any meetings that are open to the public.

Members of the press have no greater rights to attend council meetings than the general public. However, where possible we must provide reasonable facilities to accredited newspapers and media representatives.

You can find guidance and requirements to ensure we manage council meetings effectively at, Part 6F of the Council’s Constitution: Public Participation – Protocol for Livestreaming or Recording Council Meetings (google doc).

Page updated on: 15 November 2023

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