Air quality and planning

Planning process

Our planning process, and the implementation of our new local plan (LP33), sets out ways to ensure that air quality is not made worse by building work and new developments in the borough and that the health of future users is protected.

Through the planning process, we also seek to deliver air quality improvements where possible.

To tackle air pollution and increase walking and cycling, LP33 states that all new developments must be car-free, with parking limited to disabled spaces or essential servicing needs.

Non-road mobile machinery (NRMM)

NRMM includes mobile machinery and vehicles which are fitted with an internal combustion engine but are not used on public roads, such as generators or diggers.

They are generally used in relation to activities on construction sites and can be a big contributor to air pollution in the immediate area.

Hackney is part of a Pan-London NRMM project funded by the Mayor of London. As part of this project, we use the planning process to make sure construction sites register on the Londonwide database.

Audits are undertaken on all registered sites and checks for unregistered sites are also made. The audits check that all relevant plant and machinery on site meets relevant emissions standards, thus reducing air pollution from construction.

Page updated on: 12 August 2021

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