Exercise after stroke or TIA

If you’ve had a stroke or transient ischaemic attack (TIA), you can improve your quality of life with our Fit 4 health scheme. Since 2010, participants have reported improved weight loss, blood pressure, blood sugar control, strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and levels of happiness.


Fit 4 Health sessions

Each programme lasts 11 weeks and sessions are currently to take place at Britannia Leisure Centre and Clissold Leisure Centre. Every session includes a warm up, cardiovascular exercise, light resistance exercises, a cool down and an opportunity to socialise afterwards.

The format is either gym or circuit-based and held twice weekly. Additionally, we encourage walking via our slow pace walk session and monitoring of steps via a pedometer programme.

How to get involved

We are keen to take referrals to the scheme and believe that the programme will help provide specific care to residents who have suffered a stroke or TIA. We particularly welcome interest from health professionals who would like to refer clients to the programme. Health professionals can directly refer clients by completing the referral form.

Referral form

If you know of someone who has been affected by stroke and would benefit from the Fit 4 health (EASS) intervention please call us on 020 8356 5285 /4897 or email: helen.mcginley@hackney.gov.uk or darren.english@hackney.gov.uk

See publicity for Fit 4 Health – Exercise after Stroke Scheme

Exercise at home

Exercise with Fit 4 Health instructor Helen McGinley who delivers a gentle exercise warm-up routine. Suitable for beginners.

The following information provided by the Council in respect of exercise is for informational and educational purposes only. Please consult your doctor or health care professional before undertaking any physical exercise or activity, particularly those with medical conditions.

All physical activity and exercise by children should be undertaken with appropriate parental supervision and guidance. If you experience any pain, discomfort or other injury please consult your doctor or healthcare professional and seek medical advice.

Fit 4 Health slow pace walk

To help in the prevention and recovery of stroke/TIA and for those with mobility issues.

Wednesdays, Clissold Park, N16 9HJ

  • when: Wednesdays 
  • times: 11.30am-12.15pm
  • venue: Clissold Park, Green Lanes, Stoke Newington, London N16 9HJ
  • meeting point: The outside garden area (ground level) of Clissold House Cafe
  • instructors: Dorothy, Rita and Charlotte 

This guide outlines the steps that everyone must take when joining a Hackney Council Fit 4 Health walk:

Booking is essential and new participants are asked to complete a registration form before participating.

Application form

If you’ve got any health conditions that could be affected by exercise, please seek medical advice from your GP before starting the scheme. You must reside in the borough or see a Hackney-based GP as a patient to attend.

On the day of your walk, please:

  • be on time but don’t arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before the start time
  • make yourself known to the walk leader
  • wear comfortable walking shoes
  • bring a bottle of water

Where possible we’ll try to accommodate your transport needs, for example providing local travel routes or assistance with Dial-a-Ride. The walk is supported by MRS Independent Living and Shoreditch Trust.

Case studies

Find out how the Fit 4 Health programme has helped Hackney residents:


  • “It has helped my blood sugar and my communication with other people has improved.”
  • “It made me get out twice a week.”
  • “It helped me avoid falling. Enjoyed meeting people similar to me and making friends.”
  • “It’s helped me in every way and I do appreciate the instructors for understanding your condition.”
  • “My main goals were to bring my blood pressure down and improve my physical structure ie pot belly, slouching, bad posture and general fitness. All goals achieved.”
  • “Fit 4 health has been so important to my recovery. Has given me focus and purpose. The improvement in my mood and balance has been invaluable.”
  • “I feel healthier and I have better control over my blood sugar. I feel more in control of my weight.”
  • “Waking up doing more activity, less tired more motivated. Eating less; improved diet.”
Page updated on: 26 May 2022