Adult services privacy notice

This privacy notice sits beneath the Council’s top level privacy notice and provides information about how personal data is used by Hackney’s adult services:

  • assessing your needs
  • delivering activities that promote independence
  • money matters and financial advice
  • care in your home
  • housing needs with social care
  • housing support and residential care homes
  • older person’s freedom pass
  • advocacy

Please see the main privacy notice for details on your rights and who to contact about use of personal data.


Why do we collect data?

We need information on our residents in order to provide the best services possible.

Most of the work we do with you is done so on a statutory basis – that is, there is a law which says we must provide these services.

That means we need information from you in order to provide these services.

What legally allows us to collect and handle your data?

The main law that covers our service delivery is the Care Act 2014. We also provide service under the  Mental Capacity Act 2005, Mental Health Act 1983.

This means that your data is processed as part of our legal obligations and tasks in our official authority. Any ‘special category’ data (such as health data) is processed of our provision of health and social care.

What data do we collect?

We provide a range of services to residents, most of which require that we are able to contact you. This includes at initial assessment, and when we provide direct services.

Each of these services will have different data requirements. We will need name and contact information for most of these, as well as health information, financial details and family details.

We also collect data from the East London Health & Care Partnership from the hospital and GPs that deliver direct care to you.

We only access this if it is needed as part of our delivery of direct care to you, and the data is only viewed at that point in time and not retained. Read more about fair processing and GDPR.

Where we share your data

A range of services are delivered by the Adults services team, and we need to work with other organisations in order to be able to deliver these.

These include Council departments, companies we use to deliver services, and other government agencies. We have contractual arrangements with external organisations which ensure they use the highest standards of data security.

In particular, we share information with care providers, housing providers and with health services.

To ensure a smooth service, we use your NHS number to link records between our service and those of doctors and hospitals.

You can object to this data sharing, but it may result in delays to services that you receive.

Organisations we work with include:

  • East London Foundation NHS Trust
  • Homerton University Trust Hospital
  • City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group
  • provider organisations contracted to provide residential and nursing home care; supported living; equipment and domiciliary care
  • GP Surgeries
  • City and Hackney GP Confederation
  • police
  • fire brigade
  • ambulance services
  • probation
  • housing
  • other local authorities

Multi-agency support

Our most vulnerable residents may be in receipt of services from a range of agencies and council departments, for health or welfare reasons.

We will share information as appropriate to support residents so that concerns are more effectively addressed.

Where there is legislation that requires us to do this, we will not normally require your consent to share information.

There are some services we offer beyond what is required by law and you may need to obtain your consent to share information for these purposes.

We will let you know when this is the case.

Managing financial affairs

Where we are responsible for managing an individual’s financial affairs, we will require authorisations and court orders to do this.

We will be responsible for using your personal information when we pay bills on your behalf, manage your bank accounts, and take care of other day to day activities.

We may also be responsible for care arrangements and medical decisions.

Statistical analysis

We use data collected to produce a range of performance information. You can compare Hackney with other councils through the Office for National Statistics.

How long we keep your data for

Please see our main privacy notice for details on retention schedules.

Your rights

Please see our main privacy notice for more details on your right to:

  • be informed
  • access your personal data
  • rectify your personal data if it is incorrect
  • restrict our processing of your personal data

If you do find that the information we hold on you is incorrect, you should inform us as soon as possible to update our records.

Page updated on: 3 August 2022