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Equipment and adaptations to the home

If you have a disability or are finding it difficult to access or move around your home, you may be entitled to equipment to assist with day to day activities or an adaptation to your home.

We may be able to help you if you

  • have a disability
  • or have a long term illness which causes you to have difficulties coping with daily living tasks


If you or your representative contact us, we will arrange a convenient time for someone to conduct an assessment of your needs. An interpreter can be  provided if needed. We will  aim to complete your assessments within 28 days of you contacting us.

What kind of help is there?

We can advise on suitable equipment for you or adaptations for your home that will meet your needs. Everyone’s needs are different so the services offered to each individual will be different. Together we will try to agree on the best way to provide the help that you need.

Loaned equipment

Some equipment (eg a raised toilet seat or bathing equipment) will be supplied to you on loan and other equipment can be collected from a local chemist with a prescription supplied at the assessment visit.

Minor adaptations

We can recommend minor adaptations to your home, like grab rails, additional stair rails, concrete steps or outside galvanised rails. We aim to complete these within 9.5 weeks from the time of your assessment and we will deliver equipment and straightforward minor adaptations to your home within 7 days from the time the order is placed

Major adaptations

If we feel that major adaptations are needed, such as a lift or a ramp for wheelchair access, we can discuss how these can be funded. We aim to complete these within 28 weeks from the time of your  assessment.

Other options

We want to help you live independently in your home, but if we, or you, feel that you would be better off moving to different accommodation, we will discuss all the options with you.

Partners of this service

Equipment by prescription

Following an assessment, a prescription will be provided  to you which can be exchanged for simple items of equipment, such as bathing aids and toileting aids, at any of the local accredited retailers.

How do I use my prescription to get my equipment?

Once you have been assessed by a health professional and your needs meet Hackneys’ criteria for receiving equipment, you will be given a prescription. This can be taken to an accredited retailer of your choice, who will supply the items free of charge. The accredited retailers are indicated on the map with this leaflet along with additional information like opening hours, parking and bus routes.

You may wish to contact your chosen retailer to ensure they have the item in stock before visiting them.

During your visit to the shop, if you decide that you would like the item prescribed, in a different colour or brand, you can do this. All you need to do is pay the difference in price. This is known as a ‘top up’.

As part of your assessment your assessor can also recommend some other equipment that might be of use to you that is not provided for free as part of a prescription. Your assessor will write details of these on this leaflet and you can ask the retailer to demonstrate these to you.

If you would like an item of equipment which is not in stock – this is not a problem as the retailer will order it for you, to collect at a later date.

Our trained trusted providers can show you how to use all of the equipment, regardless of it being prescribed or a self purchase. In addition to this, instructions on how to use and fit all of your equipment will be provided.

What happens if I am unable to visit the retailer?

Your relatives or carers can collect and fit your equipment if you are unable to do so. Your assessor will discuss this with you. When they visit the retailer, they will be given instructions for fitting the equipment.

We will still provide delivery, fitting or installation of equipment to those who are not able to access the community and are without any care or support. Your assessor will determine this as part of your assessment.

Can I get equipment I need, without an assessment?

If you feel you need some equipment and choose not to go through an assessment with a health professional, you can go into any of the accredited retailers in Hackney or surrounding boroughs. They will be easily identifiable by a yellow sticker in the shop window.

If the retailer/provider feels your needs are more complex and that you would benefit from a professional assessment, then they will give you the necessary information to access health and social care services.

What are accredited retailers?

They are shops or pharmacies that we have selected because they have:

  • facilities to demonstrate and provide a range of equipment
  • staff that are informed and trained to adjust the equipment and provide instructions for fitting these items in your home

What happens if the equipment is faulty?

In the unlikely event that your equipment is faulty, if it is within warranty, contact the retailer to get a replacement.

Alternatively, if it is out of warranty, you can contact the Information and Assessment Team on 020 8356 6262 for a reissue and/or further assessment.

What happens if my needs change or the equipment does not help?

If you are still working with your original assessor, you can contact them directly.

If your work with your assessor has been completed, you can contact the Information and Assessment Team on 020 8356 6262 for a reissue and/or further assessment.

What happens if I no longer need or want the equipment?

If your equipment is not required anymore, please dispose of it thoughtfully. If you are unable to dispose of it you can contact the Wasteline on 020 8356 6688.

Page updated on: 3 July 2019

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