Your tenancy agreement

Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract between you and the Council and tells you all the rules about living in your property. Your tenancy conditions set out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant of the Council and our duties as your landlord. These tenancy conditions form part of your tenancy agreement.

Your tenancy agreement and tenancy conditions set out the legal obligations, rights and responsibilities for you and those who live in or visit your home. It also lists the services you are entitled to in return for the rent you pay.

If you break these tenancy conditions or the tenancy agreement we may have to take you to court. If the court grants us a possession order, you and your family will have to leave your home. We do not want this to happen and will give you support and advice to prevent it, unless you gave us false or misleading information to get or keep your tenancy.

Types of tenancy

There are four types of tenancy depending on how long you have been a council tenant and whether you are the only adult in the household.

Tenancy guide

The advice in this booklet will help you get the most of your new home. With links to helpful websites and guidance on the first steps to take when you move in.

The information in this booklet should also be read alongside your tenancy agreement, which is the legal document that covers the terms and conditions of your tenancy. Keep this booklet somewhere safe as it will come in handy. If you have any questions, get in touch with us.

Help with your tenancy

Our estate officers can help you with a wide range of tenancy related matters.

Making changes to your tenancy

To request any changes to your tenancy, contact our neighbourhood contact centre or visit our neighbourhood housing office.

Tenants running a business from home

You must get our written permission if you want to run a business from your home.


Apply to run a business from home

You can also submit your application by post or in person to: Customer Administration Team, North East Neighbourhood, 149 Stamford Hill, N16 5LG, or email to:

We will only refuse to give you our permission if we have good reason (for example, if we think that the business is likely to cause a nuisance to other people, including us and our contractors, or cause damage to the property). There are usually costs associated with this process which you will have to pay.

Before we give our permission you must get any planning permission,building regulation approval or other licences you need for the business or trade.

If we give you permission to run a business from your home, your customers, suppliers and service providers must not become a nuisance to other residents.

If a business you are running from your home with our permission causes a nuisance or damage, we will withdraw our permission.

Examples of businesses activities that will cause a nuisance

  • repairing and maintaining vehicles
  • printing
  • using noisy equipment such as industrial sewing machines
  • using controlled substances such as chemicals
Page updated on: 19 September 2019

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