Why foster for Hackney?

As the main providers for making sure the children and young people in Hackney are placed in the best care possible, we prioritise homes of foster carers who work with us directly.



Our pre-assessment training is run on a quarterly basis. This 3 days training course ‘skills to foster’ is designed to help you understand the demands of being a foster carer, the support we provide and the behaviours and needs demonstrated by children that come into care.

As part of the North London Adoption and Fostering Consortium, we can also provide you access to training dates within our partner boroughs, should their session dates be more convenient.

As an approved foster carer, there is core training that you will need to complete, as well as additional courses to support your professional development.


You will have regular supervision / support sessions with your dedicated social worker, to see how you are coping in your role as a foster carer, and to ensure you receive any support you need to manage a placement effectively.

In addition to your own fostering social worker, foster carers have access to a 24 support line, so there is someone to talk to after the office has closed.

You can call on the support of fellow foster carers through Hackney’s Foster Carers’ Council (HFCC), support groups, training, foster carer’s forums and social events.

There are monthly clinical supervision groups led by family therapists and drop-in sessions with the nurse and education specialists.

Hackney has a well-established virtual school; to support you with the child’s educational needs, this may also include extra-curricular activities.


Fostering allowances are set by central government. In Hackney we pay generous fees and allowances in line with this guidance.

Allowances are linked to your training and learning, so as you progress through levels 1 to 3 you will be rewarded as you develop your skills. Additional allowances are paid for holidays, birthdays and festive occasions and we can make a contribution toward setting up costs, such as essential equipment or furniture.

Partnership working

We work in partnership with five other North London borough councils as part of the North London Fostering Consortium. The consortium provides support, training and advice to foster carers to help them give the children and young people they look after the best possible care.

Page updated on: 7 November 2022

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