Community Wellbeing Space

The City and Hackney Community Wellbeing Team is a collaborative effort. It brings together local support services for residents who can’t access traditional settings.

All residents are welcome, but especially those who are:

  • rough sleepers
  • struggling with alcohol and substance misuse issues
  • asylum seekers
  • sex workers
  • members of the Gypsy Roma Traveller community
  • in contact with the justice system
  • other socially excluded groups

The team parks in various locations across Hackney and the Square Mile. They do this throughout the week, from Monday to Friday. They offer different services and information on different days.

We regularly update this page with a timetable of where the health outreach van will be and what services it will provide.

Community Wellbeing Space timetable

For updates on our multi-agency initiatives, stay connected with us on X by following @Hackney, @TurningPointUK, @GreenhousePrac1, and @HackneySWIM.

Page updated on: 3 April 2024