Tenant management organisations

A tenant management organisation (TMO) is an organisation set up by tenants and/or leaseholders to manage their estate/block.


TMO management agreement

Each TMO has its own legal contract with the Council, known as the management agreement. This agreement outlines what services the TMO is responsible for and what services the council is responsible for. The services provided by TMOs are mainly funded by the management fees paid by the Council under the management agreement.

TMOs usually operate as an industrial and provident society or as a company. The Council provides TMOs with their own local offices and office equipment including IT. TMOs employ their own staff to provide housing management services to their residents.

TMOs can choose how much or how little responsibility they want to take over from the Council. The services managed by TMOs vary but may include:

  • day to day repairs and maintenance
  • tenancy management
  • cleaning
  • grounds maintenance
  • rent collection and rent recovery

There are nine TMOs in Hackney which manage over 5,000 homes which range in size from 114 to over 1,100 homes.

TMO support

Contact us on tmoservicesteam@hackney.gov.uk for advice, support and guidance on TMOs. We also monitor TMO performance.

Setting up a TMO

You can set up a TMO in six steps:

  1. Explore the options for involvement
  2. Right to manage notice
  3. Develop business plan training and negotiations
  4. Competence assessment
  5. Offer to tenants and then ballot
  6. Setting up and going live

Becoming a member of a TMO, or starting one yourself, is one way of becoming more involved with your housing services. A group of tenants and/ or leaseholders will start by looking at the options for taking over services.

Council tenants and or leaseholders have the right to set up a TMO provided they have been independently assessed to be competent to manage the proposed services and the majority of secure tenants agree to the TMO in a secret ballot.

If a TMO is set up you still remain as a tenant or a leaseholder of the council and your existing rights are protected.

More information is available from the National Federation of TMOs. If you are interested in setting up a TMO, please contact us at tmoservicesteam@hackney.gov.uk.

Contact TMOs

There are 9 TMOs in Hackney:

  • North and South Arden TMO
  • Clapton Park Management Organisation
  • Cranston TMO
  • Downs Estate TMO (also known as DEMO)
  • Lordship South TMO
  • Suffolk Estate Co-operative
  • Tower Management Organisation
  • Wenlock Barn TMO
  • Wyke Tenants and Residents Co-operative

Contact us or our TMOs using the details below:

See repair responsibility matrix (PDF 74kb)

See contacts list (google sheets)

Page updated on: 14 June 2024