Support for families

Our family support units offer targeted support to families with children to help them address a range of issues including, but not limited to:

  • reducing offending and anti-social behaviours
  • improving school attendance and engagement in learning
  • parenting issues
  • maximising opportunities for access to employment and training
  • domestic abuse
  • physical and mental health problems

We can help you access resources that can help address the identified issues eg school, CAMHS services, Citizens Advice Bureau.

For families which need input from our children and families service, either for family support or statutory social work intervention, professionals or families can contact:

First Access and Screening Team (FAST)
020 8356 5500

If, following screening, FAST decide that the family does not require statutory social work input and that a family support intervention is needed (usually because work is needed with the child(ren)’s parents / carers to help them respond to their child more effectively) they will allocate the case to the family support service.

The referrer and any other involved agencies will be notified of the allocation and linked in by email with the family support unit.

The family support service will:

  • take the role of lead professional for the family
  • develop an outcome-focused plan with the family and partner agencies with clear timescales for change and review this regularly
  • undertake regular visits to the family home to work with the family on areas requiring change
  • liaise with other professionals to ensure a joined-up approach
  • advocate on behalf of children to ensure their best interests are met
  • respond to any safeguarding issues that arise
  • ensure that all agencies are notified when the family support work is coming to an end

The work of a family support unit is not time-limited though the purpose is to achieve change in a timely way.

Page updated on: 25 September 2019

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