Be bright and stay in sight - safety tips for road users

In October the days will start getting shorter, the nights are longer and the weather means everywhere looks duller. The clocks go back  Sunday 28 October 2018.

It is important to be seen by other road users when you are out and about, especially during these darker, winter days and at night.


During the day all road users should consider wearing fluorescent or bright colours, for instance: yellow, orange, bright green, white, pink and bright red.

There are lots of accessories available with these colours or materials including coats, trainers, bags, rucksacks, fleeces, baseball caps or beanie hats - even socks.

Be bright - colours When it's dark

 When it's dark, it's a good idea to use clothes or accessories with reflective material like:

  • jackets
  • leggings / tights
  • footwear
  • armbands
  • sashes or waistcoats

White or light colours are also easier to spot in the dark. 

Be bright - pedestrians Pedestrians

When you need to cross the road at night, try to use safer places like:

  • zebra crossings
  • traffic lights
  • or near to the street lights


Be bright - cyclists

At night your bicycle must have a working:

  • white front light
  • red rear light
  • red reflector

Check them regularly to make sure they are clean and working.


Take extra care and time to look for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

It's difficult to see someone who is wearing darker clothing when the weather is wet and grey.

Make sure your headlights are on when it starts to get dark to make it easier for everyone to see you.

Page updated: 23/11/2018 09:59:10