Road safety education

Pre-school children

Children's Traffic Club London

Developed by TfL, Children's Traffic Club London uses the latest digital technology to educate pre-school children, their parents and carers in basic road safety skills, making them safer road users of the future. 

Introducing safer road behaviour at this early age ensures that London's future road users understand the importance of road safety and know how to keep safe when travelling around the capital. The club also promotes sustainable modes of transport and the benefits of walking, cycling and using a scooter.

For more information, see Children's Traffic Club or, if you're a nursery or playgroup leader, register the children in your class

Theatre in education

We provide educational programmes to primary and secondary schools which include a drama performance plus educational resources where relevant. Our dramas cover a wide range of road safety topics. Each performance is tailored for a specific age group and delivered by professional writers and actors.

Theatre can make education fun and memorable. It also allows young people to consider the possible consequences of their actions by using situations and characters that they can relate to.

Primary schools

Junior road safety officers

The JRSO scheme is a nationally recognised method of increasing road safety awareness within schools. A pupil-led venture, it's an engaging and inclusive way of promoting road safety to everyone in schools and the wider community.  

In Hackney schools two pupils from year five are chosen to focus on road safety issues and encourage safer travel behaviour among their peers, parents and school staff, for example on the school website or by managing a noticeboard, competitions, newsletters. They also help to organise safer travel activities and campaigns at the school. 

We train each junior road safety officer and provide free, practical resources to help support their work. Our road safety officers will also assist the JRSOs and their school coordinator when requested. 

The JRSO scheme is supported by TfL. It's flexible and can be designed around the priorities of your school and it contributes towards the TfL STARS accreditation and Healthy Schools initiatives. 

For more information email or call 020 8356 5795.

School keep clear campaign

Stopping or waiting on the yellow 'School keep clear' zig zag markings means children and adults are obscured by parked vehicles when crossing the road outside their school. Every weekday motorists are putting children and others at risk by parking or waiting on these markings during school drop off and pick up times. You can be fined for parking on one of these markings.

We campaign with the schools, JRSOs, local police and our parking attendants to encourage motorists not to drop off or pick up children directly outside the school on the markings. 

Secondary schools

Youth Travel Ambassadors (YTA)

A student-led project for secondary school age students, the scheme helps young people make a positive impact on their school and local community by planning and carrying out a campaign to encourage safe and responsible travel at their school. For more information please email

Young drivers

Every year young drivers aged between 17 and 24 are responsible for around a quarter of traffic collisions on UK roads. We're available to deliver talks and workshops on driver safety and the law for pre-drivers, young drivers and passengers in secondary schools, 6th forms and colleges. 

For more information on pre- and young driver workshops please phone 020 8356 4963.

The Driving Standards and Vehicle Agency and the Council supply new young drivers with a copy of the FirstCar Young Driver's Guide, which includes information on buying and owning a vehicle as well as tips and advice on learning to drive and being a new driver. It's available at driving test centres across London.


We provide visits to schools, lesson plans and more. For more information, please contact us on 020 8356 8364. For additional lesson plans and worksheets on a variety of curriculum subjects at both primary and secondary level see DfT Think! Road Safety.

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