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Road safety for cyclists

Road safety at night

At night your bicycle must have a working:

  • white front light
  • red rear light
  • red reflector

Check them regularly to make sure they’re clean and working.

Be safe, be seen

It’s difficult to see someone who is wearing darker clothing when the weather is wet and grey. It’s important to make yourself more visible to other road users during the darker days and at night.


During the day you should consider wearing fluorescent or brighter colours which stand out, for instance: yellow, orange, bright green, white, pink and bright red.

There are lots of brightly coloured accessories available including bags, rucksacks, scarves, baseball caps, and hats.

When it’s dark

When it’s dark fluorescent colours are less effective, but white or light colours are easier to spot.

Reflective material is most effective when it’s dark, as it reflects the light from vehicle headlights or street lights.

Consider wearing clothes or accessories with reflective material like:

  • jackets
  • trainers
  • bags
  • armbands
  • sashes
  • waistcoats

Cycle training

Cycling is a healthy, low cost, environmentally friendly way to travel, as well as a good way to keep fit. We offer a variety of free cycle skills activities for people who live, work or study in Hackney to improve cycling skills and confidence. Sessions are available seven days a week, and we can arrange them at times and locations to suit you.

Visit cycle training or email for more information.

Don’t wear second-hand helmets

Wearing a second-hand or borrowed helmet could be life threatening – helmets are designed for one impact.

A helmet that’s been in a crash before (or one whose history you’re not sure of) will not protect you from the impacts you might receive in a crash.

Investing in a new helmet could save your life.

Stop means stop

If you’re approaching a school crossing patrol site:

  • slow down and be prepared to stop at the patrol’s signal
  • it’s an offence not to stop at a patrol officer’s signal – if you’re convicted you could be fined up to £1,000
  • be patient – a child’s life could be at stake
Page updated on: 5 January 2020

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