Protection order

We can apply for emergency protection order of 8 to 15 days to safeguard a child who may be in danger living at home.

An emergency protection order is made when you are in immediate danger and may have to be taken away from home quickly.

This might be because someone has called the police if they are worried that you are being hurt, it could be because you have told someone like a teacher that you are being hurt, or you might already be in a safe place, like a hospital.

Emergency protection orders are granted for:

  • individual applicants, where the child will suffer significant harm if not removed
  • local authorities, where enquiries are being made for other orders, and where these enquiries are being frustrated or unreasonably refused
  • authorised persons, where there is reasonable cause to suspect, or likelihood of, significant harm

The emergency protection order lasts for 8 days.

Service providers and partners

In Hackney, detailed information is available on protection orders for children, via the pan-London child protection procedures. This information is available through the City and Hackney Safeguarding Children's Board.

Other partners of this service

Referrals and accessing the service

See individual providers and partners details for referrals and access information. You can also contact us using the details below.

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