Pre-application service

You can get pre-application advice if you:

  • speak with the Duty Planner for free, non-site specific verbal advice
  • request the 15 day pre-application service. This is suitable for householder, other and small-scale development proposals
  • request the 30 day pre-application service for a more comprehensive, written response. This is only available for specific proposals

Apply and pay

Submit your pre-application requests and enquiries to, clearly stating the service required, the address and a short description of the scheme proposed.

Payment of pre-application fees can be made in person or by post: Hackney Service Centre, 1 Hillman Street, London E8 1DY. Please make cheques payable to London Borough of Hackney, noting the site address on the back of the cheque. This should be attached to a covering letter giving the site address and proposal description. Further information may be required as set out in the guidance documents below. The more information you provide the more detailed our advice to you will be.

If you are making a pre-application request, please ensure you provide us with your payment reference to speed up the processing of your request.

Should you have any questions please contact us on 020 8356 8062 or

Documents and guidance 

Pre-application development types and fees

Category Service typeDevelopment description Fee Follow-up fee 
Householder15 daysAlteration, improvement and/or enlargement of existing dwelling house, or  development within the curtilage of a dwelling house for any purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling house. Pre-application enquiries relating to listed buildings will be dealt with in 30 days.£90£30
Other development15 daysChanges of use of 99sqm or less; extensions to commercial properties of 99sqm or less; shop fronts; minor physical alterations to commercial properties; small-scale advertisement applications; individual telecommunications equipment. Pre-application enquiries relating to listed buildings will be dealt with in 30 days.£180£90
Small-scale development15 days1-4 residential units and/or 100sqm - 499sqm non-residential floor space. Pre-application enquiries relating to listed buildings will be dealt with in 30 days.£360£180
Minor30 days5-9 residential units and/or 500sqm - 999sqm non-residential floor space.£900£450
Medium30 days10-24 residential units and/or 1000sqm - 1999sqm non-residential floor space.£1,800£900
Major30 days25-49 residential units and/or 2000sqm - 4999sqm non-residential floor space.£3,000£1,500
Larger-scale major30 days50 or more residential units and/or 5000sqm or more non-residential floor space.£3,600£1,800

For proposals on behalf of a registered social landlord (RSL), primary care trust (PCT), Hackney Learning Trust, Hackney Homes or Hackney Council, advice provided as appropriate free of charge.

Cheques should be made payable to London Borough of Hackney.

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