Order bins and bags for waste and recycling

Use this service to order bins and bags for:

  • rubbish
  • recycling
  • food waste

You can also request:

  • a new rubbish bin if your bin is lost or damaged (for any replacement bins required by your household, we reserve the right to charge a £10 admin fee)
  • an extra rubbish bin if you need more bin space

You can only get an extra rubbish bin if your household either:

  • has 5 or more people
  • uses children’s nappies
  • needs to for medical or hygiene reasons – for example, you use large amounts of sanitary items

If you need a smaller rubbish bin, email recycling@hackney.gov.uk.

Order bins and bags

What happens next

We aim to deliver most items within 10 working days. We leave items by your front door.

If you request a replacement rubbish bin, we aim to deliver within 15 working days.

If you request an extra rubbish bin, we’ll visit your property to check that you’re recycling as much as possible. If your request is successful, the bin will arrive within 20 working days of your application.

Page updated on: 6 May 2024

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