Hoxton Street conservation area

Hoxton Street Conservation Area was first designated in 1983. It has a cohesive and intimate character as a historic thoroughfare and marketplace. The street encapsulates several centuries of urban development. Its bustling commercial streetscape contrasts with the larger blocks and coarser grain of the surrounding areas of Local Authority housing estates.

The conservation area retains several eighteenth century houses. There is a good survival of modest nineteenth century buildings with traditional shop fronts on the ground floor.

The dense urban character of the conservation area derives from its:

  • long, linear form
  • consistent building line
  • fine historic grain of narrow building plots
  • a consistent building height of three to four storeys
  • limited material palette

Cabinet approved several extensions on 27 November 2023. This was following a full review and community consultation.

See Hoxton Street Conservation Area appraisal (PDF 49.9mb)

See Hoxton Street Conservation Area boundary map (pdf 260kb)

Page updated on: 21 December 2023

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