How to request parking controls

If you’d like to request parking restrictions on your street, you can:

All requests will be reviewed quarterly, and where feasible, parking stress surveys will be carried out to identify whether parking pressure exists.

If high parking stress levels are identified within an area, a report is then drafted recommending for a consultation to be carried out.

If approved, parking services will then carry out a six-week consultation to determine whether parking controls are supported by the residents and businesses.


Alternatively, residents and businesses can submit a petition with their neighbours to request that the Council introduces parking controls.

Our usual feedback threshold to trigger a consultation is at least ten unique signatures, email requests, complaints, and/or ward councillor feedback from two or more streets.

Please include your name, address and the details of the times of day when parking is at its worst.

Send your petition to:

PZ Design Team
Hackney Parking Services
PO Box 75931
E5 5EW

Page updated on: 7 October 2022

Parking Consultations


PO Box 75931
E5 5EW


Opening times

  • Mon to Fri, 9am - 5pm