Housing options and advice

We can’t provide the vast majority of people with a council home. However we can help you to prevent homelessness and help you to find settled housing.


What advice can the Council give me?

We can advise you on housing options based on your circumstances. We offer:

  • assistance with keeping your home. For example, we can help mediate with your landlord or your family member
  • help to prevent you from becoming homeless
  • support to help you move into privately rented home
  • advice to help you if you need supported housing

I am worried about being illegally evicted

We’ve recently seen an increase in cases of harassment and illegal evictions by landlords. If you’re threatened with eviction and are worried your landlord is not acting legally then we can help. Please contact us immediately, as we have specialist trained officers who can advise you. For more information see illegal evictions.

Find privately rented accommodation

Most people successfully rent in the private rented sector. By proactively looking for a privately rented property you can find somewhere quickly.  You will also have more choice over the type of property that you live in.

I’m a current social tenant, what options do I have to find a new property?

We have a number of schemes available for current social tenants who would like to move out of their property.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to join other schemes. To find you settled accommodation more quickly in other parts of London, or further afield.

I am experiencing domestic abuse

Visit domestic abuse and housing to view our domestic abuse housing options information booklet.

Other available schemes

If you don’t currently have an existing social tenancy, we recommend registering with Homefinder UK and Homehunt to help you find affordable properties across the UK.

Homefinder UK is a national housing mobility scheme available to anyone willing to move nationwide including:

  • homeless households
  • applicants living in temporary accommodation
  • private sector tenants threatened with homelessness
  • victims of domestic abuse and grooming
  • overcrowded families and social tenants
Page updated on: 29 September 2022

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