Help with your tenancy

Our Estate Officers can help you with a wide range of tenancy related matters:

  • settling you into your new home
  • sorting out problems with your neighbours
  • breaches of tenancy conditions
  • request to change names on tenancies
  • tenancy successions
  • transfer requests
  • mutual exchange requests

Our Estate Officers have responsibility for a specific location, known as a patch.

Our Neighbourhood Contact Centre staff can help with general enquiries, if they cannot help they will pass your enquiry to your Estate Officer.

Home visits during normal office hours are available if you have difficulty getting to a neighbourhood housing office.

Tenancy support service

If you are finding it hard to cope with your tenancy, you can get free independent, personalised and one to one support. We work with a number of tenancy support services in the borough. Referrals to tenancy support services are managed by an independent company called Outward. They can refer you to the service best able to help you.

Contact Outward on 020 7249 9004, or contact our Neighbourhood Contact Centre

Support for adults and older people

Hackney Council’s Information and Assessment Team may be able to help you with other support services such as equipment and adaptations, Telecare systems, Mobile meals (meal on wheels) and other services.

Page updated on: 27 June 2019

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