Hackney Compact

The compact agreement between the Council and voluntary and community sector commits organisations within the partnership to a set of shared principles aimed at getting the best out of partnership working for the benefit of local people.

Updated compact

The updated compact has been developed jointly between the Council and HCVS to keep it effective in delivering the best for local people. It allows the partnership to:

  • deliver better outcomes for local people
  • develop shared local priorities in response to needs
  • maximise resources, and attract external funding
  • work on joint initiatives - exploring how the partnership can work together in new ways to address local concerns, or attract investment into the borough
  • be open and transparent within the partnership
  • promote good and effective governance  

The first Hackney compact was launched in 2008 to benefit local people and deliver the objectives of Hackney's sustainable community strategy.

New set of principles

Together with HCVS, we have developed a shared set of principles that support partnership working into the future. These principles adopt a co-coordinated approach to delivering better outcomes for local people, in particular the most vulnerable.

This new set of principles when adopted will help everyone get the best out of partnership working. The principles have been developed under five themes, which capture a shared aspiration to meet the challenges facing the borough and improve the lives of Hackney residents.

Five themes

  • the difference we can make
  • what we can bring into the borough
  • how we work with each other
  • effectively managing the assets we have
  • the resources we need to be effective

The compact primarily focuses  on the relationship between  the Council and the voluntary and community sector. In due course other statutory agencies will be approached to sign up to the new principles.

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