Gender pay gap reporting

This information is provided in compliance with the Gender Pay Gap Reporting Duty, Equality Act 2010 Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations 2017, S1 2017/172.

Pay at the Council

The data shows that at Hackney Council, women are paid more than men overall. Using the mean, they are paid 1.16% more and using the median as the measure, they are paid 3.53% more. This is because there are significantly more men than women in the lower quartile, and there are more women than men in the two upper quartiles.

There are more male dominated jobs in the lower quartile such as in posts titled operative / cleaner, grounds maintenance staff and environmental operative.

Pay structure

The Council operates an equality proofed pay and grading structure, which is a points based system used to allocate jobs to specific grades. We’re confident that men and women are paid the same for equivalent jobs.

The data shows a significant difference in the percentage of women and men who are paid a bonus, and we’ll be looking into this further over the coming year. The data on bonus gender pay gap is not reliable due to the very small numbers of women in receipt of a bonus.

Pay across the borough

Comparisons with the latest borough data shows that in Hackney overall, women are paid similarly to men.

Page updated on: 12 April 2021

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