Filming in Hackney

Hackney has a diverse range of places to film. We pride ourselves on being film friendly and the popularity of the borough as a filming destination is growing.

We operate a one stop shop for filming in council owned locations and on the public highway in Hackney.


Our services

  • help you source your location
  • liaise with relevant Council departments on your behalf
  • liaise with residents where required
  • liaise with local Police
  • attend recces where necessary
  • advise on traffic management issues where necessary
  • facilitate filming on Council owned property
  • facilitate parking
  • organise Council support services, eg refuse collection
  • provide an on call service for residents / production when night filming

Apply to film

Apply to film in Hackney

Application process

To apply to film in Hackney you need to place an application through our FilmApp application system. This does not constitute a license, nor does its submission automatically gain permission to film. It will however help us to understand your requirements.

We also need a copy of your public liability insurance (£5,000,000 minimum) and a risk assessment if filming on council property or on the public highway.

We may need to carry out a site visit with you. If this is necessary it is likely that you will need to get in contact prior to placing a formal application and before parking / highways applications can be submitted.

In most instances, you are invoiced after the filming has taken place by our finance department. Therefore ensure we have been given a purchase order (if required) by the day of the shoot.

Visit filming in London code of practice


See Hackney film office rate card (google doc).

Notice period

There is no set notice period by which we require your application, although there are notice periods for parking and for certain highways services, such as the control of street lighting.

Any application submitted with less than 48 hours to process is subject to an increased administration fee or ‘late notice fee’. This fee is detailed on our rate card.

Lead times for parking


8 clear working days. Submit your request to

Complete the parking suspension template and include a map of your requested area. 

See parking suspensions template (google doc)


5 clear working days.

Apply for film voucher

Filming requirements

Our ability to cater for your filming requirements depends upon:

  • size of the unit
  • need for stunts
  • likelihood of disturbance to residents
  • noise levels and timings

If you are filming any of the following, a minimum of 10 working days notice is preferable, although we do understand that this isn’t always possible:

  • stunts
  • gunfire
  • exterior night filming
  • crowd scenes
  • playback in a residential area
  • temporary traffic control

Templates, guides and forms

Page updated on: 24 October 2023

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