Create a digital presence

This guide is a collection of self-help tutorials, templates and resources geared to creating, expanding or improving your organisation’s online presence.

There are also numerous how-to guides and other resources for digital upskilling on the Digital skills page.


We advise you to avoid using personal email addresses or phone numbers as contact details for your organisation. These will continue to be associated with the organisation, perhaps long after your relationship with it has ended. It’s easy to set up a free, generic email account (eg gmail, outlook) and this can be a useful way for people to contact you out of hours or if your organisation does not have a phone line.

Choosing a platform

The choice between a website, social media or events marketing depends on your skills, time and budget. You might also want to try a couple of different platforms to achieve different aims. Have a read through our quick guide to see which will work best for you. There are other tools out there but these are some of the biggest on the internet.

Do you want to…

  • host video calls with groups of people? Try Zoom or Meetup
  • inform people about your organisation and services, and your information doesn’t need to change frequently? Create a traditional website on Wix or WordPress
  • combine a website with a community? Set up a Facebook page
  • build a community around your subject by posting short, regular updates? Create a Twitter or Instagram account
  • promote your events to a wider audience? Use Eventbrite
  • share advice or information via video? Set up a YouTube channel  

Event and video call platforms

Social media platforms

Getting the most out of Twitter

This snappy video will show you how your organisation can gain an engaged and authentic following on Twitter.

Website platforms

Video platforms

Page updated on: 15 June 2021