Council tax bills 2021/22 FAQs

We are sending out the new council tax bills for the year 2021/2022.

However, we still don’t have a fully working system available as a result of the serious cyberattack on the Council that occurred in October 2020.

Although we have only now been able to issue most annual bills for 2021/22, this is based on data held as at 26 July 2020. We have not been able to issue some bills and a small percentage of the bills we have sent, will be wrong.

At the moment, these accounts can’t be corrected, until the system is fully restored, however these cases have been identified and residents are being sent letters or emails with information about what to do.

If you are one of these customers, please avoid calling the council tax office at this time as we can’t make amendments to your account.

All transactions for reporting changes and making claims can be done online and this website has the most current information on the cyberattack and Covid-19 restrictions.

What to do next

Check your bill

To check how much council tax is payable on your property, according to the band shown on the bill, or see the information leaflet enclosed with the bill which sets out the full amount due according to the band of the property, before any discounts, exemptions or council tax reduction are applied.

The calculation of the full amount due before any reductions is correct and is based on the budget requirements for Hackney, adult social care and the Greater London Authority for the 2021-22 year.


If you have previously received a bill in your name but the new bill has a previous occupier’s name on it, no action is required – we will send you a correct bill in your name again as soon as possible.

Please don’t make payments towards the incorrect bill, but you should instead put that money aside so that you will be able to pay when your correct bill is issued.

If any other part of your bill is incorrect, or you have not received a bill, please follow the FAQ guidance below. We will send a replacement bill as soon as possible.

Page updated on: 19 March 2021

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Save time by reporting a change of address or applying for discounts or exemptions now. If you think your bill is wrong or have any other queries, use our enquiry form. 

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