Carers’ emergency card

Carers often worry about who will tend to the people they care for if they are involved in an emergency.

The emergency card is a plastic card the size of a credit card. The card:

  • identifies you as a carer
  • provides details of someone who can be contacted in an emergency situation
  • provides the name of the person you care for
  • provides adult social care contact details, including the out of hours contact details

How the emergency card works

Carers can sign up for an emergency card as part of a carers assessment or review. The card aims to make sure that you are identified as a carer if an emergency were to happen. The relevant professional involved will get in touch with the emergency contact provided to inform them that you are unable to provide the usual care to the person you care for.

Find out more

Contact us to arrange a carers assessment or review on 020 8356  6262.

Page updated on: 4 August 2019

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