Alternative disrepair resolution scheme

We have developed an alternative disrepair resolution (ADR) to help speed up the disrepair process for people living in a Hackney Council home. The ADR also removes the need for tenants to engage in a lengthy legal dispute.


Alternative disrepair resolution (ADR) process

Under the scheme we both agree to a package of work and any potential compensation. You can receive legal advice throughout the process. We pay 100% of any agreed compensation to you, not to any potential legal representatives.

On average it takes 80 days to complete any agreed works through the ADR process compared to around a year through the legal disrepair route.

A project manager keeps you updated on the progress of the works and ensures they’re done to a high standard. They’ll also inspect the work once it’s finished.

We can use any money saved through the process to deliver repairs and housing services to all our tenants.

ADR eligibility

The ADR team will determine eligibility by investigating against an agreed criteria. This includes if you have reported a repair that’s been ongoing for over six months with no resolution even after going through our formal complaint process.

Contact us

If you have a current legal disrepair claim and want to explore if the ADR route is a better option, contact us. We may be able to help depending on the status of your claim.

To find out more about the scheme and to see if you could be eligible, email

Page updated on: 21 February 2024