Winter planning

We have all the necessary precautions in place to keep the borough’s roads and footpaths safe during spells of cold weather. Sufficient salt stocks are available to grit highway routes and footpaths, with reserves available as we start to use our stock.

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Are you prepared for winter?

  • what if you couldn’t leave your home?
  • what if people can’t get to you?
  • what if you are stuck in your car?
  • what if your child’s school is closed?

How to prepare

  • pay attention to weather forecasts and warnings – check the Met Office for forecasts and weather warnings
  • make child care arrangements – check for information on school closures and make child care arrangements in advance should their school close due to weather. Could a family member or another school parent look after them while you are at work?
  • help prevent snow and ice building on pavements and driveways by putting down salt before it snows or the temperature gets below freezing
  • keep stocked up in case the weather prevents you from going out to the shops, and make sure you have more than a few days worth of basic foods and any medication you have been prescribed
  • keep emergency equipment in your car – make sure you have a bottle of water, non perishable food, first aid kit, torch, in-car mobile phone charger, blanket and spare warm clothing, and a shovel if you travel to more rural areas
  • wear sturdy footwear. If you do have to go out in the snow or ice, wear a good pair of boots – they keep your feet warmer and have more grip than trainers or other shoes
  • check on your neighbours – look in on isolated, elderly, bed bound, or sick neighbours, family or friends and make sure they’re warm and well

Is your business prepared for winter?

  • what if your staff can’t get into work due to snow and ice?
  • what if snow and ice caused child care issues for your staff?
  • what if your business became inaccessible due to snow and ice?
  • what if the winter weather caused your premises to become unfit to work in?

Contact our business continuity planning team on for more information.

Page updated on: 11 July 2019

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