Waste changes

In March 2021, we are changing waste collections from once a week to once every two weeks at some households in Hackney. This will help increase the amount we recycle and reduce the amount of waste sent for incineration.

Recycling and food waste collections will remain every week to encourage people to recycle as much as possible.

As part of the changes, we will give households a wheeled bin, which you will use for non-recyclable rubbish. After the changes are introduced, we will only collect non-recyclable rubbish if it is contained within this bin. This will encourage people to waste less and recycle more and will reduce litter and vermin.

Which properties are affected by the changes?

Only ‘street level’ properties – generally houses, or houses that have been converted into flats, that currently have green sack recycling services – will be affected by the changes.

Other households, including flats above shops or properties with communal bins, typically including estates and new build blocks will not see any changes to waste collections.

All properties will keep weekly food waste and recycling collections.


We will be providing 180 litre wheeled bins to street level properties in the borough, which will be collected every two weeks. The bins provide more than enough space for two weeks worth of waste for an average household.

Larger households will be able to apply for an additional bin.

Why are you doing this?

Fortnightly waste collections will help us all recycle more and send less waste to be incinerated. Reducing our waste will reduce our impact on the planet and help respond to the climate emergency. I

n the 15 London boroughs that have switched to fortnightly waste already, recycling rates have increased.

If these increases were replicated in Hackney, around 4,500 tonnes of waste – the equivalent of the waste contained in 450 bin lorries – would be recycled instead of incinerated every year.

Fortnightly waste collections, with continued weekly recycling and food waste collections, also have further benefits. If used correctly, the new wheelie bins and increased rates of food recycling will help to improve hygiene and reduce smells.

What do I have to do now?

You will receive information in the post about exactly when your collections will change.

If you don’t already recycle, or want to recycle more, it might help to familiarise yourself with what items you can put in your green recycling sacks or food waste bins.

You can start by simply choosing a few items that you want to recycle, such as drinks cans or plastic bottles, and then move on to choose a few items to place in your food waste bin, such as plate scraps, fruit and veg peelings and teabags.

Recycling food waste also helps to keep your bins cleaner and stop them from smelling.

For more information, watch our presentation about the waste collection changes:


Page updated on: 13 January 2021

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