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Victoria Park Road area

Walking, cycling and public realm improvements

Following Transport for London’s (TfL) consultation with residents and local businesses in May/June 2019, improvements within the Victoria Park area have been approved by the Council.

Delegated powers decision

The delegated powers decision shows the results of the consultation:

TFL’s consultation

View TFL’s detailed consultation and proposals.


The proposals will:

  • improve the layout at Ainsworth Road, Skipworth Road, King Edwards Road and Primrose Square, raising the junction to footway level to help slow down the traffic on all approaches and to create step-free access for pedestrians. The new layout will also introduce a give way system, giving priority to the north-south cyclists. The replacement of the existing diagonal central island with two planters and trees will improve the environment at the junction
  • modify the layout at the Victoria Park Road and Skipworth Road junction. Widening the pavements will reduce the pedestrian crossing width. Raising the junction to footway level, including the zebra crossing, will help slow down the traffic and will provide step-free pedestrian crossing facilities. Planting trees will improve the environment at the junction
  • resurface the carriageway and replace the existing speed humps with cycle-friendly ones along Gore Road
  • introduce new traffic signals with pedestrian crossing facilities on all 4 arms of the Well Street, Frampton Park Road and Ainsworth Road junction. They will include advance stop lines for cyclists on all arms and early release for cyclists on the north/south alignment. The new signals will provide safer facilities for both pedestrians and cyclists to cross the roads
  • create a safer, more pleasant environment for walking and cycling within the Victoria Park Area and encourage more cycling and walking
  • subject to consultation in Spring 2020 introduce a no entry point into Gore Road from Lauriston Road except for cyclists, improve the pedestrian crossing at the junction extending the footways, installing a new central island, reducing the carriageway width and raising it to footway level and introducing some planting and trees. This new layout will narrow the crossing width and provide step-free pedestrian access

Detailed plans

Planned works

The works are scheduled to start week commencing 20 April 2020. The proposals will be implemented in different phases:

Phase 1 (works starting April 2020)

Ainsworth Road, Skipworth Road, King Edwards Road and Primrose Square junction.

Phase 2 (works starting July 2020)

Victoria Park Road junction with Skipworth Road.

Phase 3 (works starting September / October 2020)

Well Street junction with Frampton Park Road and Ainsworth Road.

Works notification

  • Phase 1 scheme notification (Skipworth Road, Ainsworth Road, Primrose Square and King Edwards Road junction) (to follow)
  • Phase 2 and 3 scheme notifications will be sent out to residents and businesses nearer the time


Page updated on: 16 March 2020