Transport strategy 2015-25

The Hackney transport strategy 2015-2025 sets out our strategic transportation aims, objectives and priorities for the next ten years. It was adopted in November 2015.

The strategy supports other Council documents including the sustainable community strategy 2008-2018, air quality action plan, the health and well-being strategy, the corporate plan to 2018 and the emerging local plan.



By 2025, Hackney’s transport system will be a model for sustainable urban living in London. It will be fair, safe, accessible, equitable, sustainable and responsive to the needs of its residents, visitors and businesses, facilitating the highest quality of life standards for a borough in the capital and leading London in its approach to tackling its urban transport challenges of the 21st Century.

This vision is consistent with the Mayor of Hackney’s priority of tackling inequality and the desired outcomes in our corporate plan. The strategy will contribute to the objectives of the plan such as safeguarding clean streets that are friendly for pedestrians and cyclists, ensuring a high quality built environment and working with residents and London-wide partners on a range of sustainability issues including tackling poor air quality.

The strategy consists of a background document which provides context to our strategic transportation aims, objectives and priorities for 2015-2025. In addition to this document, there are 6 separate supporting documents that make up the entire transport strategy.

Supporting plans

These supporting plans give more detail on plans, policies and proposals for specific modes and areas.


Supporting documents


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