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Flood in N4

Get the latest updates on the flood around Queen’s Drive. If you’re still affected, please contact Thames Water.

Report a street lighting problem

We design, install and maintain street lights on most public highways. See our street lighting policy

Street lights on red routes, however, are maintained by Transport for London (TfL) – report a problem to TfL.

Report a problem

Tell us about problems with street lights, pedestrian crossings or illuminated bollards:

Report a problem

The more information you can give us the better. Please tell us:

  • if the light is out altogether, going on/off, burning all day, intermittent etc.
  • the number on the plate on the column, or the exact location or nearest house number
  • the name of the road

If you are reporting problems with temporary traffic lights, please provide relevant contact details where possible.

How long will it take to repair?

Usually, outages are repaired within 3.5 working days. If there is a problem on the electricity cable feeding the column, notification is sent to the utility company EDF which means that the repair will take longer.

The metal plate on the base a street lamp has been removed – when will you fix it?

An inspector will come out to assess the situation and make it safe immediately. The repair will be reported to our contractors to be repaired within five days.

The street light outside my house is leaning or damaged

An inspector will come out to assess the damage and then determine how urgent the job is and appropriate action will be taken.

Can the lighting in my street be improved?

Contact with the location and other information and we will consider it.

We take into account:

  • the age and condition of the existing installation
  • the light output
  • the budget
Page updated on: 6 June 2019