Report a road, street or pavement problem

We maintain all council-owned roads, streets and pavements to make sure they are safe and accessible for all. Tell us if there is a problem with a road, street or pavement that makes it unsafe:

Report a problem

All lines on the highway must be authorised by the Council. If you paint or mark the surface of a street you can be prosecuted for defacing the public highway.

Report a pothole

Potholes can form through repeated wear of the road surface, particularly during harsh weather.

Report a pothole

Pothole repairs

We recently received £31,808 of DfT funding to help address potholes in the Borough.

Report a dangerous pavement or street

Dangers can include:

  • loose paving slabs
  • loose or damaged manhole lids or other utility service covers
  • missing drain covers
  • overhanging vegetation and hedges
  • disintegrated tarmac
  • excessive weeds on busy footways
  • bollards knocked over
  • railings protruding

Report a dangerous pavement or street

Report a problem with a sign or street furniture

We install and maintain street name plates and street furniture such as public seating, road signs and bollards. Let us know if a sign or piece of street furniture has been damaged or removed:

Report a problem with a sign or street furniture

Report damaged or stolen paving slabs

Companies who dig up pavements must make sure there is a safe route for pedestrians and other traffic and that the pavement is restored to a good standard. Tell us if you think that this has not been done. You should also tell us if you have any information about stolen paving slabs.

Report damaged or stolen paving slabs

Report uncut grass verges

We cut grass verges to make sure that people can use roads and pavements safely. We cut grass on all council owned land, but do not cut grass that is privately owned or on properties/estates owned by bodies other than the council.

Report uncut grass verges

Page updated on: 7 January 2020



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