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Stages 4 and 5: decision making and post planning and building

Stage 4: decision making

When can I expect to receive my decision?

We will aim to determine all householder applications within 8 weeks of being made valid.

What will the decision look like?

We will issue a decision notice for all applications, advising that the development is either approved with conditions, or refused.

What conditions are likely to apply?

In certain circumstances we may approve your development subject to a condition (or conditions) that require you to submit further information, such as types of materials, landscaping details etc. Most householder applications will be subject to standard conditions, such as a requirement to build the development in accordance with the approved plans, for the materials proposed to match the existing materials and that the development must commence within three years.

Please read your decision notice carefully and be sure you understand any conditions of the permission. These form part of your permission and any failure to comply with these conditions represents a breach of planning control that we may take enforcement action against. Find out about planning enforcement.

Any neighbour who has commented on the application will be sent a letter outlining the details of our decision including any conditions.

What can I do if the application is refused?

If you do not agree with our decision to refuse the application, you are recommended in the first instance to read the officer’s planning report, setting out the background of the decision. This will be available on our website once the decision has been issued. If you are still unhappy with the decision, you should contact your case officer to discuss it. Finally, if you still do not agree with the decision, you can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. The Planning Inspectorate are a third party body outside of the Council who will review our decision and either uphold or dismiss your appeal. Appeal guidance is included with your decision.

You have 12 weeks from the date of the decision to submit an appeal, and it must be submitted directly to the Planning Inspectorate and not to the Council. If you do not submit your appeal within this timeframe, you lose the right of appeal.

How long does my permission last?

A planning application permission is generally valid for three years from the date of the decision. This period may be increased or reduced if the situation warrants it, however this is the standard period.

You must commence, but do not need to complete your development, within this period.

If your permission lapses before you start work, you will need to re-apply for planning permission. This will be treated as a new application.

Stage 5: post planning and building

Discharging a condition

If an application has been approved subject to conditions, you will need to supply the information set out in the conditions before you commence any work. If you start the development without providing this information, you risk invalidating your planning permission and may be the subject of planning enforcement action.

Complying with standard conditions

Standard conditions attached to an application will always apply to the development. Any future breach of the condition will be treated as a breach of planning control.

Building control

Before you commence any development work, you must also get an approved building notice or full plans application. You can do this using our building control service. Building Regulations assess whether a development is constructed to an appropriate standard, assessing matters such as foundations, drains and structural requirements.

Page updated on: 11 July 2019

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