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Solar power

Council owned roof space

Hackney Council committed to cover the Council ‘s own roof space with solar panels. In September 2019 Hackney Council launched a feasibility study to identify the solar generation capacity in the borough. 

The first pilotage project for solar generation we will launch in two Leisure Centres, London Field Leisure Centre and West Reservoir Leisure Centre. We will install 250Kwh of solar panels to generate electricity for Leisure Centres.

As a result the facilities will save on their energy bills, maximise reduction on carbon savings and contribute to decarbonisation of the energy grid.

Our future solar generation projects will be announced once the feasibility study concludes.

Rent-a-roof scheme for businesses

Hackney Council is committed to reduce carbon emissions to level net-zero by 2040. To achieve this ambitious target, the Council introduces lots of new programmes and initiatives to help the borough reduce toxic emissions and increase local renewable energy generation.

Hackney Council represents a strong leadership in green energy generation by purchasing its own energy from 100% renewable sources and covering all the Council building with solar panels. Council is open to support businesses with the transition to green, sustainable energy by looking to introduce a rent a roof scheme to make use of the existing roof space for solar panels installations across the borough.

The business will  benefit from free solar panels and the electricity it generates. The offsetting power, the Council will sell to the grid or to suppliers through long-term Power Purchase Agreement.

Any income Council will generate through the scheme, will be utilized to fund future renewable and sustainable projects in Hackney. 

Solar Together

Solar Together London is a group-buying programme that enables Londoners to install solar panels on their homes at an affordable price. Part of the Mayor’s plans to make London a zero carbon city.

Households and small businesses can register their interest to have high quality solar panels (PV) on their roofs, and with support from local authorities, the Solar Together scheme will group purchase solar panels at a very competitive price on their behalf and install them.

In 2019 the following London boroughs are supporting Solar Together:

Brent, Camden, Ealing, Enfield, Hackney, Islington, Kensington & Chelsea, Kingston, Lewisham, Merton, Newham, Sutton and Waltham Forest (although Londoners from other boroughs are also welcome to register).

Hackney Council will continue to participate in the Solar Together Programme. In 2019 we achieved the highest in London number of registered participants, showing the tremendous interest from residents in the transition to more sustainable, green energy sources and independence from fossil fuels.

Page updated on: 14 November 2019