Partial building collapse on Stoke Newington High Street

On Friday 27 January, part of a privately owned building on Stoke Newington High Street partially collapsed onto the street below.

There were no injuries, but it caused significant disruption in the area.

The High Street fully reopened on 28 February at 7.30pm.


Making the building safe

We used our building control enforcement powers to take control of the work to make the building safe. A scaffolding structure to support the existing scaffold and building was put in place on 1 February to allow our contractors to start work on the building.

A number of steps were taken before the site was fully reopened:

  • contractors and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) needed to carry out a full assessment of the site and work needed – following their inspections the whole site was released back to our contractors on Friday 10 February
  • contractors then began to remove unstable parts of the building – a crane was on site during this time to help move masonry from the rooftop and debris was also removed from ground level
  • original scaffolding was then removed
  • larger supporting scaffolding constructed since the collapse was then removed
  • contractors then removed equipment from the site and cleared the area ready for it to be fully reopened

Reopening date

The High Street fully reopened on 28 February at 7.30pm.

We understand the disruption this caused for the residents and businesses directly affected. Our main priority was to ensure the safety of the building and the people living and working in the area.

Our support for impacted residents and businesses

We’ve closely liaised with impacted residents and businesses throughout the situation.

As part of our support, we have:

  • arranged emergency accommodation for those residents who have requested it
  • provided clothing for those who have requested it
  • provided regular updates to keep people informed via daily updates, social media and a dedicated page on our website
  • had a daily presence on the site for people to ask questions
  • provided an email and phone number for those affected to contact us
  • provided letters to those directly affected to help explain the situation to their insurers
  • signposted where people can get financial help
  • highlighted support for people needing mental health and emotional support
  • worked closely with utility providers to ensure that local residents and businesses are supported as best as possible
  • frozen the business rates for those businesses in the cordoned off area

We also continually liaised with the building’s owner and managing agent on the situation.

We would like to thank everyone affected by this incident for their patience throughout.

Resident updates

The building owner is currently providing alternative accommodation to those living in the affected building while they undertake checks and make some minor repairs.

If you have experienced financial losses, speak to your insurer to let them know at the earliest opportunity.

We may be able to provide individuals in severe financial hardship with a one-off crisis payment. Any claim is assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you think you may be eligible for help, contact our Hackney Money Hub, or call 020 8356 3111. 

Business updates

Businesses from premises 118 to 124 Stoke Newington High Street should immediately contact their landlord to discuss property management issues such as payment of rent.

Businesses at 118 to 124 Stoke Newington High Street can seek independent legal advice about the provisions in your lease which may relate to this incident.

If your business had to close or your trade has significantly reduced as a result of the incident, contact your business insurance company. Business insurance often includes a business interruption clause. Your insurance provider will advise on this and any impact on your insurance premium if you make a claim on your insurance.


The 67, 76, 149, 243 and 276 buses have returned to their normal routes.

For more details, visit Transport for London.

Traffic diversions and LTN suspensions

Transport for London (TFL) manages Stoke Newington High Street. TfL put in place a fully signed alternative route. The signs were placed as far south as Great Eastern Street. The signs redirected traffic away from Stoke Newington. TFL will now remove these signs.

We have worked with TfL to attempt to minimise the impact of this diversion on local residents. We introduced a temporary one way system covering the full length of Tyssen Road and a section of Bayston Road between the junctions of Tyssen Road and Brooke Road. This is now removed.

Throughout the incident and while the main diversions were in place, Stoke Newington Church Street could be reached from both directions. To help with local access, the 7am to 7pm bus gate on Stoke Newington Church Street (which usually allows only buses and Blue Badge holders with the HAC01 permit through between these times) will remain suspended until 7am Monday 6 March 2023.

Low traffic neighbourhood restrictions were lifted at several roads to ensure these areas remain as safe as possible. These have been reinstated.

Our highways team will continue to track the situation and work with TfL to make arrangements for transport in the affected area. This includes reviewing any further changes to diversions and suspensions.

Contact us for support and advice

Any impacted residents or businesses can contact us: 020 8356 3000.

We will direct you to the relevant team that can provide support and advice.

Page updated on: 2 March 2023