Support your local high street: Shop Local

The Love Hackney, Shop Local campaign asks residents and visitors to support local shops and markets and think twice about using plastic bags.

Local businesses are signing up to support the scheme. In challenging economic times it's also important to support local businesses and suppliers. 

Businesses participating in Love Hackney, Shop Local have signed a pledge to:  

  • ask customers if they really need a carrier bag (rather than automatically providing one)
  • store plastic carrier bags out of sight, behind counters
  • offer reusable bags instead of plastic bags

The Co-operative Group's shops have achieved a 66% reduction in the number of plastic carrier bags given out to customers since 2006, through the introduction of measures centred around the above.

Research has shown that each shopper uses 94 bags per year - so in Hackney that totals 19 million bags thrown away every year, and is equivalent to:

  • 470 tonnes of carbon emissions
  • 2,043 return flights from London to Paris

Participating retailers

The following businesses are supporting the Love Hackney, Shop Local campaign:

If you are a business, and wish to participate in the Love Hackney, Shop Local campaign, please email

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