Shared lives

What is shared lives?

Most of us just want an ordinary, happy and fulfilled life. That’s exactly what we aim to achieve in Hackney Shared Lives.

Hackney Shared Lives is a Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated accommodation service. We recruit, assess and support potential carers who live in the borough of Hackney and have a spare room.

Who can become a carer?

Carers homes must meet health and safety standards, they have regular training and visits from their shared lives officer. Carers must live at the premises.

Carers don’t need special qualifications, what’s more important is the right attitude and a desire to help people improve their quality of life.

Find out how you canĀ become a shared lives carer.

Meet one of our carers.

Who will I be caring for?

The person might:

  • have a learning disability
  • have ill mental health
  • have dementia
  • be in hospital and need short term support to come home
  • have experienced domestic abuse

We will match the person to a carer with similar interests and lifestyle.

Read about what the service users say.

What you’ll be doing

Carers usually support a person to be as independent as they can – for some people this might entail learning to dress themselves, making a sandwich, travelling independently.

Many people enjoy holidays with their shared lives family and soon a placement becomes a life that is shared.

The length of placements varies – some carers prefer short term work (respite), whilst other placements can last for many years.

Carers are paid according to the needs of the person who lives with them. The scheme has payment bandings on low, medium, high and exceptional circumstances. Carers have 4 weeks break from their caring role a year.

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Page updated on: 7 September 2019

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