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School crossing patrol officers

Our school crossing patrol officers (SCPOs) operate in places where it’s difficult to cross the road on the way to and from school. This could be anywhere identified as a direct route to a school – it doesn’t have to be outside a school.

Like other councils we have to follow strict national criteria for the safety of school crossing patrol operators and the members of the public using the site. We take into account the number of pupils crossing, the volume and speed of traffic and any special characteristics the site might have.

Our officers are there to help to get children across the road safely and should not be regarded as an inconvenience.

Stop means stop

If you don’t stop when an SCPO displays their STOP sign, you could receive three points on your licence and could be fined up to £1,000.

Our Stop Means Stop campaign urges drivers, cyclists and motorcyclists to take extra care when using the streets of Hackney. It highlights the importance of stopping when the patrol officer is in the road, in the correct uniform, and displaying the STOP sign.

Parents’ and carers’ responsibilities

Although we provide school crossing patrol sites and people to operate them, as a parent you’re responsible for making sure your children get to school safely.

If you’re crossing with your child at a patrol site:

  • wait at the kerb
  • don’t follow the officer out into the road
  • only walk across when the officer tells you
  • always walk in front of the officer, not behind
  • don’t cycle or use a scooter while crossing – walk

Riders’ and drivers’ responsibilities

If you’re approaching a patrol site:

  • slow down and be prepared to stop at the patrol’s signal
  • it’s an offence not to stop at a patrol officer’s signal – if you’re convicted you could receive three points on your licence and you could be fined up to £1,000
  • be patient – a child’s life could be at stake

For more information regarding school crossing patrols or having a site assessed contact 020 8356 8364.

Page updated on: 18 June 2019

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