Road safety for schools

Junior road safety officers (JRSO)

The JRSO scheme is a nationally recognised method of increasing road safety awareness within primary schools.

A pupil-led venture, providing a constant road safety presence within the school, it’s an engaging and inclusive way of promoting road safety to everyone in schools and the wider community.

In Hackney schools, 2 pupils from year 5 are chosen to focus on road safety issues and encourage safer travel behaviour among their peers, parents and school staff, for example on the school website or by managing a noticeboard, competitions, newsletters. They also help to organise safer travel activities and campaigns at the school.

We train each junior road safety officer and provide free, practical resources to help support their work. Our road safety officers will also assist the JRSOs and their school coordinator when requested.

It’s flexible and can be designed around the priorities of your school and it contributes towards the TfL STARS accreditation and Healthy Schools initiatives.

For more information email or call 020 8356 1358.

School keep clear campaign

Stopping or waiting on the yellow ‘School keep clear’ zig zag markings means children and adults are obscured by parked vehicles when crossing the road outside their school.

Every weekday motorists are putting children and others at risk by parking or waiting on these markings during school drop off and pick up times. You can be fined for parking on one of these markings.

We campaign with the schools, JRSOs, local police and our parking attendants to encourage motorists not to drop off or pick up children directly outside the school on the markings.

School crossing patrol officers

Our school crossing patrol officers (SCPOs) operate in places where it’s difficult to cross the road on the way to and from school. This could be anywhere identified as a direct route to a school – it doesn’t have to be outside a school.

Like other councils, we have to follow strict national criteria for the safety of school crossing patrol operators and the members of the public using the site. We take into account the number of pupils crossing, the volume and speed of traffic and any special characteristics the site might have.

Our officers are there to help to get children across the road safely and shouldn’t be regarded as an inconvenience.

For more information regarding school crossing patrols or having a site assessed contact 020 8356 7070.

Help for teachers

We provide visits to schools, lesson plans and more. For more information, please contact us directly.

For additional lesson plans and worksheets on a variety of curriculum subjects at both primary and secondary level see:

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