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Residential care homes for adults

A residential care home provides accommodation, meals and personal care for older people, people with disabilities, or people who are unable to manage at home, for whatever reason.

The level of care varies from home to home, but the Government defines it as the kind of care you would receive from a competent and caring relative. This includes: help with eating, washing, bathing, dressing and toilet needs; and caring for you if you become ill. However, residential care does not include nursing care.

Needs assessment

The decision to recommend a residential or nursing home will only be made after a needs assessment. You can also consider homes in other local authority areas if your needs will be better met there.


self-referral gives you the choice to assess your own care needs or someone else’s.

Choosing a home

When choosing a home, it is important to make sure that you choose one that will be right for you both now and in the future. You can get advice and information to help you make this important decision from:

  • your social worker or care manager
  • a district nurse
  • a health visitor
  • your family doctor

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are regulators of health and adult social care in England, including care homes.

Search for a care home and view details published by the CQC about a service

Search for a care home in Hackney

Paying for your stay in a home

The majority of people will have to pay something towards the cost of their stay, a sum that is calculated using Department of Health guidelines. Some people may fund their stay with no financial assistance from the Council – this is self funding.

Our guide to financial arrangements for your stay in a residential care home will give you a better understanding of the financial aspect of residential or nursing care homes.

Financial assessment

For a financial assessment, please complete and submit the financial assessment form:

Other support available

The Council may arrange residential or nursing home care for elderly people and people with disabilities who are unable to manage at home. We can provide this service directly through Median Road Resource Centre and also provide supported living accommodation through our supported living schemes.

Page updated on: 4 July 2019

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