How to request an external wall system (EWS) form

We have no legal duty to provide the external wall system (EWS1) form. Currently, our only duty is to provide a copy of the fire risk assessment for the property.

Not every building will require an EWS1 form.

UK government guidance implemented 5 April 2021 includes criteria that will be used to help decide whether a particular building should need an EWS1 form.

An EWS1 survey is only required if:

  • buildings over 6-storeys where there is cladding, curtain wall glazing or vertically stacked balconies
  • buildings of 5 or 6-storeys where there is a significant amount of cladding (25% plus of the whole of one elevation), ACM MCM or HPL panels or vertically stacked balconies; and
  • buildings of 4-storeys or fewer where there are ACM, MCM or HPL panels
  • buildings over 18m (6 storeys) or those which are high risk and require specialist testing will still require a qualified fire safety engineer to undertake an EWS1.

If your building doesn’t meet any of the above criteria we would recommend that you speak to your mortgage provider who can refer to the RICS issues updated guidance on EWS1 certification.

If your mortgage provider requires a copy of the fire risk assessment or construction information on your building then please email

External wall system explained

The external wall system is made up of the outside wall of a residential building, including cladding, insulation, fire break systems, etc.

The EWS1 form checks these for safety, if that is required. Buildings in scope are blocks of flats, student accommodation, dormitories, care homes and HMOs excluding hotels.

Request a signed EWS1 form

Please complete a request form. This will provide us with all the information we need to identify if a report is available for your building.

Request an EWS1 form

What happens next?

Once we have assessed your enquiry, we will contact you on the details provided in order to further progress your request.

As the EWS1 form needs to be completed by a competent person with specific qualifications, we have appointed a contractor to carry out the completion of the EWS1 form.

Please note the current lead-in time for the EWS1 form is a minimum of 8 to 16 weeks, due to the unprecedented demand for this form.


There is a fee of £750 payable in advance for the provision of the EWS1 form.

Fire risk assessments and keeping council homes safe

See further information on fire risk assessments and keeping council homes safe.

Page updated on: 4 January 2022

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