Hackney refill revolution

Join the Hackney refill revolution

We support businesses to be more sustainable. You can take advantage of a 50% discount on sustainability advice for your business, including

  • a customer survey
  • recommendations for where to source zero-waste or plastic-free alternatives
  • information on how sustainability can increase your sales

For this project, we’ve teamed up with OurPledge to bring their refill expertise to Chatsworth Road.

Who are OurPledge?

OurPledge supports businesses to understand how best to engage with the growing consumer desire to shop more sustainably – whether it’s reducing single-use plastic or becoming zero waste. They will work with you and your customers to make sustainable shopping easy and affordable, and the Council are subsidising half of the cost.

They’ll start by conducting a customer survey to understand if there is an appetite for sustainable shopping – helping you further engage with your customers and start championing sustainability.

They will then produce a fully comprehensive report so you can understand how best to implement any changes and if there’s a need, they’ll work with you on an OurPledge campaign to support the implementation of sustainable shopping for you and your customers.

Contact OurPledge for an initial consultation. Email team@ourpledge.co.uk or call 07543 145257.

Page updated on: 6 August 2021

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