Phased return to school for some year groups from 1 June

Following Government guidance about a phased return to school for some year groups, the Council’s education and public health teams have been working closely with schools to offer advice and support. At the start of the week 96% of Hackney schools had INSET and preparation days in place; most decided not to open to more pupils immediately and we support that decision.

Over the coming days and weeks, schools will open more widely, when they feel it safe to do so. We continue to encourage schools to take the time they need for a phased approach to ensure the  safety of and confidence for staff, parents, children and the community as early years, reception, year one and year six start to return to nursery and school.

We know there are concerns about the wider opening of schools, and councillors have written to the Government raising those concerns. Locally, as head teachers and governors confirm decisions about wider opening, the Council will continue working to support schools.

The Council’s education team has been working closely with schools to offer advice and support on how to best provide a safe environment for pupils and staff. Head teachers have been provided with PPE supplies and additional guidance through meetings, bulletins and individual support. The Public Health Team has offered advice and information,  including how to access the mobile test centre. Our human resources and health and safety teams have also been involved in this work, and we will continue to provide public health guidance and support with risk assessments that are required to be shared with staff.

All schools are in direct contact with parents and will continue to liaise with them and keep them updated about their plans, including all the safety measures in place. We appreciate that parents and carers will be taking into account their individual circumstances when making decisions about their children returning to school and parents who make the decision not to send their child to school will not be fined. Your school will be able to offer advice if you have any concerns or further questions.

Secondary schools will follow a similar process, opening for some sessions for years 10 and 12 from 15 June at the earliest.

Page updated on: 18 June 2020