Paying for care

Once your care is agreed on, we will check your income to see if we will pay towards it. This is called a financial assessment. You’ll be sent a financial assessment form to complete and return to us as soon as you can.

You’ll have to pay for your support if you have money or property over £23,250. If you have less, we’ll work out how much you’ll need to pay towards your care costs.

You can start receiving care and support before the financial assessment is complete. If we find that you need to pay anything we’ll send you the charges for the care you’ve received.

If you know you have more than £23,250 in savings or property, or if you do not want to be assessed, you can choose not to have a financial assessment. You will then be charged the full amount for your care.

Read our financial advice if you’re receiving social care.

Page updated on: 25 October 2020

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