Memorial trees and benches

Memorials in parks and green spaces usually take the form of benches or trees, but we’ll consider other items on a case by case basis. If you’re interested in commissioning one, please read our memorial policy, complete an application form and email it to

We’re happy to accommodate most requests for memorials but please bear in mind that green spaces are enjoyed by a wide range of people – we try to manage the process to benefit everyone. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Memorial benches

The cost of installing a memorial bench onto an existing hard surface is £750 (excluding the plaque).

Benches can be installed at any time of year. Once we’ve received your application we will follow the following process:

  • we’ll respond to your request and will arrange to meet you on site to discuss the location of the bench. In most cases we replace an existing bench with a memorial bench
  • upon agreement of a location, we’ll send you an invoice for payment – you can pay by bank transfer or cheque
  • it’s your responsibility to produce a plaque for the bench and deliver it to us for installation – see the memorial policy for the details of plaque size and wording
  • we will order and install the bench after you have paid – this can takes up to 12 weeks
  • once the bench has been installed we’ll notify you in writing

Memorial trees

Prices for memorial trees start at £355.

The cost of planting a memorial tree varies depending on the tree’s size and species. All memorial trees will be sourced by us and will be planted in November-March. No plaques can be fitted to memorial trees or their tree guards.

Once we’ve received your application:

  • we’ll respond to your request and discuss possible options for the size, species and location of the tree – options will depend on the tree planting plan for individual parks
  • we’ll send you an invoice for the tree, its planting and tree guards
  • once you’ve paid we’ll meet you on site to confirm the location of the tree before it is ordered
  • we’ll plant the tree up to eight weeks after we receive your payment
  • we’ll notify you in writing that we’ve planted the tree
Page updated on: 4 August 2019

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