Low plastic zone

We know that the public is rightly concerned about the vast amount of unnecessary, single-use plastic forced on consumers. This has been recently confirmed by research showing that 62% of consumers were concerned with the need to reduce plastic packaging, against 57% of people saying price was the main driver of their purchases.

There is therefore a significant number of consumers seeking zero plastic, low waste products whose needs are not currently being met by supermarkets and other food retailers.

As a result of the increased awareness of the need to reduce single use plastics, to minimise waste and pollution, and  drastically decrease the amount of fossil fuels used to manufacture plastics, the Council is seeking willing shopkeepers, cafe owners, restaurant managers, market stall holders, and everyone contributing to the unique business district of Dalston to participate in our new, groundbreaking low plastic zone.

Benefits to your business

What are the benefits to your business? The benefits of being a low plastic shop are:

  • you will be demonstrating your commitment to reducing plastic waste to your customers – a positive message to enhance your business
  • we’ll provide you with free extra publicity by promoting your business on our website and at events

26 local businesses have already joined. If your business is interested in participating:


Page updated on: 26 November 2020

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