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Local land charges search

Christmas and New Year closure

We will be closed from the 25 December 2019 until 1 January 2020. The service will resume as normal 2 January 2020.

If you’re buying or carrying out transactions on a piece of land (or house) in Hackney, we can investigate whether there are any legal restrictions which may affect the property, and will bring all the information together in the form of a local authority search.

The turnaround for official residential/commercial searches is 8-10 working days. You can also do a personal search or find out how to submit an application.

We’re working to reduce the turnaround time, but please submit applications on time so we can meet our timescales.

To return applications as quickly as possible, we’ll only send them by first class post or the document exchange (DX) system.

Please note: we don’t provide an expedited service and searches are completed on a first come first served basis.

Read Government guidance on:




VAT @ 20%


LLC1  – all parts of the register £43.00 N/A £43.00
CON 29 £113.00 £22.60 £135.60
LLC1 and CON29 £178.60
LLC1 (Parts) £6.00 N/A £6.00 (each)

Other charges

CON290 £10.40 £2.08 £12.48 (each)
CON290 Q.22 £19.50 £3.90 £23.40
Duplicate of search result £13.00 N/A £13.00
Register LON £67.00 N/A £67.00
Copy of LON £5.00 N/A £5.00

Extra parcels

CON 29 £45.50 £9.10 £54.60 (each)
LLC1 £6.00 N/A £6.00 (each)
CON29 and  LLC1 £60.60
LLC1 (parts) £1.00 N/A £1.00 (each)

Personal search fees

CON29 £8.70 £1.74 £10.44
CON29 extra parcels £3.05 0.61 £3.66 (each)
CON290 extra parcels £3.70 0.74 £4.44 (each)


Information on charges

We collect information from various departments in the Council and provide information of charges held on all properties within our jurisdiction. The information is mainly provided for purposes of conveyancing in the business of buying, selling and re-mortgaging property.

A charge refers to a burden on the land on which the property is situated. They are restrictive and/or financial and are passed onto successive owners. Among the various charges are:

  • planning decisions
  • enforcement notices
  • planning agreements
  • restrictive covenants
  • tree preservation orders
  • conservation areas and listed buildings notices
  • dangerous structure notices
  • environmental health notices
  • light obstruction notices

Local land charges register

The information is held in the local land charges register. To do an inspection of the register, form LLC1 and form CON29 need to be submitted. This type of search is called an official search.

Submitting applications

Searches are often submitted by solicitors on behalf of their clients but individuals can also submit independent applications. These can be obtained at a fee from solicitors’ offices or electronically from Oyez Straker or Shaw and Sons.

Oyez Straker:

Shaw and Sons:

Each application needs to have an up to date Ordnance Survey plan/map attached to it indicating precisely the extent of the land being searched.

Search applications are in three parts:

  • LLC1 register
  • Part 1 CON29 supplementary enquiries
  • Part 2 CON29 supplementary enquiries

The most common is the combined LLC1 and Part 1 CON29 search. This is comprehensive with detailed responses to all supplementary the Part 1 CON29 enquiries. This information is only available through this type of search carried out by the local authority.

All applications need to be submitted in duplicate.

For land registry see the Land Registry.

Personal search

Members of the public and search agents can conduct personal searches.

It must be stressed that on this type of search the council will not issue the applicant with an official search certificate or advise on how a personal search is conducted. All the work will be required to be done by the applicant themselves.


Following the amendment to the Local Land Charges Rules 1977, the basic personal search fee of £22.00 has been abolished.

Page updated on: 11 November 2019

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