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Living in Hackney scrutiny commission

The commission’s remit covers the areas of housing, leisure and culture, planning, sustainability, waste and street cleanliness. It also performs the statutory crime and disorder committee function through its scrutiny of the community safety partnership. This partnership is made up of a wide range of members including the police, probation, the Council’s Chief Executive and health professionals. It has a range of duties related to community safety, including the implementation of a community safety plan for the reduction of crime and disorder in the area.

Investigations in 2018/19

Review – the recent escalation in serious violence and the response of the Council and partners

The Commission is embarking on a review looking at how the Community Safety Partnership (made up of the Council, the police, probation and a range of other partners) has responded to recent escalations in the most serious forms of violence in the borough, and the strengths of its approaches. It is vital to note that Hackney has seen significant reductions in crime; overall levels fell by 34.7% between 2002/03 and 2014/15 and remain significantly below historic levels.

There has been a rise in some of the most serious forms of violence, which is reflective of both regional and national trends. This has been most tragically exhibited in the 6 murders occurring in the borough in 2017/18, compared to 2 in the previous year. Given this, the Commission will explore a range of areas including the work of the Council’s integrated gangs unit and the police’s use of stop and search. It will hold discussions with community representatives and organisations throughout the review.

Read more about the Commission’s review.

Thames Water response to Lea Bridge water main burst

Thames Water are responsible for managing and maintaining the water main network across London and the Thames Valley. On the evening of Tuesday 2 October 2018, a major water main burst in Waterworks Lane in the Leabridge ward of Hackney. This caused serious flooding and damage to homes, businesses, vehicles, the highway and green spaces.

This flood came after number of major bursts across the Thames Water network in late 2016. One of these was in Northwold Road, causing significant damage in the Stoke Newington area. Following those floods, reviews commissioned and conducted by Thames Water explored the causes of these bursts to their trunk mains, their impact, the company’s response to incidents. They also considered what lessons needed to be learned in regards to network operations, and they set out commitments for improvement.

Following the most recent burst, the Commission held a specially convened meeting on Wednesday 21 November. Thames Water who were in attendance were questioned by members of the Council and residents and organisations on the causes of the most recent flood, why this had occurred despite the improvement plans put in place, and their response to it.

At the meeting Thames Water advised that investigations on the cause of the event and its response still being carried out and that insurance, compensation arrangements were being worked through, and that the latest burst would help inform future improvement programmes. Given this, Thames Water have been asked to attend the Commission meeting of Monday 4 March 2019 to provide updates on the aspects above.

Previous reviews

Full work programme and meetings

You can view the commission’s full work programme for the year on the agenda for each of its meetings.

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